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With growing populations and rapid urbanization, cities and communities around the world are grappling with increasingly difficult challenges.

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At Quantela, we empower cities and communities with the right digital infrastructure to deliver greater economic, social, and environmental outcomes for their constituents, changing the world of tomorrow.
City officials don’t succeed by buying technology, but rather by enhancing the livability in their cities, improving the quality of air, reducing fatalities, improving traffic and so on. And this is what we do for them. We don’t deliver technologies, we deliver outcomes. Amr Salem, Quantela CEO

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We deliver your unique outcomes through key solutions, powered by our Quantela Platform:

Our Global Impact

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A City in India*


To ensure the safety of over 150 million participating in the world’s largest religious pilgrimage.

Quantela Solution

Built upon CISCO’s Kinetics for Cities Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) platform, Quantela implemented and managed 1100 connected cameras to provide AI-based video from over 250 vantage points; and 30+ high speed cameras to provide real-time crowd monitoring at key bathing ghats (places).

Quantela Outcomes Delivered

Public safety through effective crowd management, location of missing children, and identification of potential criminal activity; Waste Management.

*customer name disclosure pending


Erie, Pennsylvania — USA


At the start of COVID, the “digital divide” that existed in the city became very apparent with many households lacking the WiFi access necessary to allow their children to participate in remote school activities. The city needed to provide support; however, it lacked the funds.

Quantela Solution

Quantela worked with the City to initially implement and centrally monitor 10 Public WiFi access points across eight Federal Opportunity zones, with the long-term goal of implementing 160 access points along with revenue-generating digital advertising kiosks to help fund the project.

Quantela Outcomes Delivered

Given the positive impact these solutions had on citizens and businesses, the City received $40 million in investments and a $500,000 grant post deployment along with sustainable revenue generation to be reinvested in the community to further improve quality of life and learning for school children.



Coral Gables, Florida — USA


The city's initial goal was to provide downtown retailers with greater insight into the quantity and timing of foot traffic during events so that they could staff and promote accordingly. Its long-term goal is to enable the city management team to view a broad scope of activities (e.g. traffic, parking, crowds, etc.) across the city through a touchscreen. 

Quantela Solutions

To date, Quantela has implemented its people counting, parking, and traffic management solutions providing data and predictive analytics through its comprehensive dashboard.  In addition, it has installed intelligent streetlight controls to provide the appropriate amount of lighting needed during high traffic times, while conserving energy during off-peak hours.

Quantela Outcomes Delivered

Improved opportunities for retailers through effective people counting and effective parking and traffic management.  Improved public safety through effective streetlight management.


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