Citizen Services

As global citizens, we all want safer streets, a healthier, more sustainable environment to live in and more efficient and inclusive public services.

Cities and urban communities use our Quantela Citizen Services solutions - powered by the Quantela platform - to help:

  • Break Down Community Silos

    through extended, more accessible resources for all

  • Reduce Operational Expenses

    When a city runs on data, traffic is smoother, maintenance is proactive, streets are cleaner, all driving towards more efficient, less costly operations.

  • Save Time

    Automate actions and services across the city. When all the data you need is in one place, you spend less time managing your tech and more time managing your people to deliver greater value for your constituents.

  • Lower Capital Costs

    Dimming schedules extend the life of the fixture. Track data to manage warrantees and replace damaged assets.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Smart Lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 20 % on top of the savings from LED transition alone.

  • Create Safer Communities

    Data and analytics help our customersidentify high risk areas and take preventativemeasures to mitigate accidents, crimes,fires, and more.

  • Avoid Constituent Complaints

    Fix issues before they happen with proactive repairs and reports on infrastructure health.

  • Engage with Constituents

    Involve them in your decision making, share live information to empower them to live, work and move around your city with greater ease

Quantela Citizen Services Resources

Real Solutions. Real Impact.


A City in India*


To ensure the safety of over 150 million participating in the world's largest religious pilgrimage.

Quantela Solution

Built upon Cisco's Kinetics for Cities Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) platform, Quantela implemented and managed 1100 connected cameras to provide AI-based video from over 250 vantage points; and 30+ high speed cameras to provide real-time crowd monitoring at key bathing ghats (places).

Quantela Outcomes Delivered

Public safety through effective crowd management, location of missing children, and identification of potential criminal activity; waste management.

*customer name disclosure pending