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Creating a Sustainable Future

At Quantela, we are privileged to support and work with city and community leaders around the world who choose our technology solutions to help deliver their environmental outcomes. Together, we can create and maintain sustainable change to power a cleaner, greener planet.


Our solutions and data insights can help you to:

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions

    Use our dashboards and recommendations to support
    your ESG commitments

  • Minimize Energy Consumption

    For example, our Smart Lighting solutions can help reduce energy consumption up to 20% on top of the savings from LED transitions.

  • Purify the Quality of the Air and
    Water in Your Community

    Monitor the air and water quality in your community through our dashboard

  • Preserve Natural Resources

    The digitization of your existing assets could unlock new opportunities to help save the natural resources in your community. For example, Digital Out of Home Advertising could also create new EV charging options for your constituents

  • Optimize Waste Disposal
    and Reduce Pollution

    Maintenance alerts make waste management more proactive and eliminates unnecessary truck rolls which add to the pollution in your city

Real Solutions. Real Impact.

As a society, the environmental challenges we face are stark, but so too are the opportunities to create new ways of doing things and that’s what we must focus on, together.

Amr Salem, CEO