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Why Choose

How We're Different

  • Interoperability

    Our Quantela platform can connect with and capture information from multiple data sources giving you significantly deeper insights into what’s happening in your city/community

  • End-to-End Solution Provision

    At Quantela, we combine the value you get from your urban service providers and traditional technology companies to simplify your experience and give you end-to-end support to deliver your outcomes.

  • Future-Proof Solutions

    Our Quantela solutions are built to be agile. We help you maximize the value from previous infrastructure investments and support you to harness new technologies to unlock the full potential from your infrastructure.

  • Outcomes Assurance

    At Quantela, we hold ourselves accountable to your success. If we don’t create value and deliver your intended outcomes, we don’t take payment.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    At Quantela, our solutions are as diverse as the customers we serve. No two situations are alike. You decide what, when and how you’d like to implement solutions and we’ll agree on a business model that works for you.


“I love how our customers react when they say, ‘You’re going to be accountable for my success?’ and I say, ‘That’s all I’m going to do. I’m only here to create value. And if I don’t, I fail.’”

Amr Salem, CEO

Our Business Models

  • Subscription Model

    An agreement for usage within set time e.g. annually

  • Outcomes-as-a-Service Model

    An agreement based on what you use

  • Results-Based Model

    Agreement based proportionately as outcomes deliver results

  • Outcomes-based Funding

    Funded initially by Quantela consortium; pay later through costs savings and/or revenue generation from infrastructure digitization

  • Alternative Asset Monetization

    Use data monetization (e.g. DooH Advertising) to generate revenue to finance the capital needed to deliver desired outcomes

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