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At Quantela, we see things differently, including the work we do everyday. We’re a team of bold, adventurous, industry-disruptors committed to delivering value to our customers and the communities they serve. We're motivated by the impactful work we do and we love a challenge. If that sounds like you, come join us.


Our Values at Quantela

  • Our Shareholders > Our Customers > My Team > Myself

    We make decisions that balance the interests of our shareholders, customers, team, and individual employees.

  • Operating with Purpose

    We take actions that are good for the world while good for the company.

  • Accountable, Results Oriented and Fiscally Responsible

    We take ownership of decisions and actions while also being focused on achieving desired outcomes and being financially responsible.

  • Bold, Winning and Growth Mentality

    We strive for a culture of innovation and ambition within the company and drive efforts to achieve success and gain a competitive edge.

  • Agile and Embrace Change

    We are nimble, responsive to changes, and open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

  • Care for our People's Wellbeing, for Each Other, and for our Communities

    We foster a culture of mutual respect, support, and collaboration among employees, and being socially responsible by making a positive impact on the communities we operate in.

  • Honest, Open and Transparent

    We prioritise honesty, openness, and transparency in all interactions and communications to foster a culture of trust and integrity and promote open communication and dialogue.

  • Diverse, Inclusive, Respectful and Tolerant

    We promote a diverse, inclusive, respectful, and tolerant environment that values and respects differences, and promotes equal opportunities.

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