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Real Solutions.
Real Impact.

“I had a dream to build and scale one technology product that could help society.”


Sridhar Gadhi, Founder and Exec Chairman

From the Beginning...

Quantela was founded in 2015 as a simple dashboard company, working with other technology partners to help cities digitize their urban infrastructure. Over time, our dashboard evolved into an award-winning, custom-built smart city platform, supporting 100+ smart city projects across the Americas, EMEA, CIS, India and APJ markets. 

But we know our customers do not wake up wanting to buy technology, they want solutions to their challenges.


...to where we are now.

Today, working with cities and towns; utilities, and public venues, our team of 300+ experts offer a vast array of outcomes business models through technologies like digital out of home insights, location insights, smart lighting, smart traffic, and digitized citizen services. Instead of selling technology to customers and leaving them with the burden of achieving their objectives; at Quantela, we hold ourselves accountable to delivering the outcomes they are seeking – from cleaner air and safer streets to operational efficiency and revenue generation. If we don’t deliver the desired outcome, we fail. 

Over the last several months alone, we have helped our customers to increase medical response times to save lives; reduce traffic congestion to keep cities moving and created new revenue streams to tackle societal issues like homelessness.

“As much as you have to have vision —
it is more important to be agile.”

Amr Salem, CEO

Our Executive Leadership Team

Shridhar Gadhi

Sridhar Gadhi


Amr Salem

Amr Salem


Karthik Krishnan

Karthik Krishnan


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Bob McMullan


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