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Land Records Management

Efficient Land Registration and streamlined Land Records Management with end-to-end digital conversion and automation of land documents.

Use our Quantela Land Records Management solutions - powered by the Quantela platform - to help you:

  • Drive Operational Efficiency

    Through the integration of Land Records information across departments and functions; and the automation of information updates for each transaction with near-real time accessibility to the data

  • Create a Single Source of Truth

    View and manage all land registration activities through one single platform

  • Reduce Costs

    Through workflow-automation, backend digitization, and the integration of multiple applications including payment gateways, SMS gateways, email, existing 3rd party applications and more

  • Enhance Safety and Security

    Through robust authentication and authorization policies

  • Minimize Risk of Failure

    Keep your applications running even when there are issues with power supply and other unexpected outages

  • Seamless Experience for Government Authorities and Citizens

    Digitization of the records room enables increased efficiency, accuracy, and security of all documents, and can reduce waiting times from 24 hours+ to just 30 minutes.

Quantela Land Records Management Resources

Real Solutions. Real Impact.

A State in India*
Case Study

A State in India*


In 2020, the State Government was looking for a solution to bring the entire property registration process online and ease the process for the people. They had a vision to combine the functions performed by Land Administration and Registration services and create a single source of truth for all land parcels.

Quantela Solutions

Quantela, through legacy TTL created an integrated land records management system, to provide seamless services for citizens pertaining to land administration and property registration online. The project included the end-to-end implementation of a Web based Integrated Land Records Management System Software Application and GIS Applications and Helpdesk Management, Legacy Data Migration, Training and Change Management and the Deployment of Support Staff and Data Entry Operator at each SRO Office.

Quantela Outcomes Delivered

The solutions resulted in more efficient land administration because land records are on a single window which helps increase accuracy and transparency with real-time updating of data. It is a single source of truth for all data pertaining to land records.