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Location Insights

Unlock geospatial intelligence to drive greater operational and community outcomes.

Use our Quantela Location Insights - powered by the Quantela platform - to help you:

  • Understand Trends and Patterns

    that influence the behaviour of your constituents or customers.

  • Identify and Respond

    to evolving demands of your constituents or customers.

  • Shape New Policies and Development Strategies

  • Identify New Revenue Streams

    Assess and create opportunities to identify new revenue streams and reduce operational costs.

  • Drive Better Constituent or Customer Engagement and Experience

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

Quantela Location Insights Resources

Real Solutions. Real Impact.

Quantela to Reinvent the Shopping Experience in Italy's Most Iconic Mall

Quantela is currently providing a customized technology solution for one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, Euroma 2 in Italy.

Quantela will provide the end-to-end holistic solution to unify, integrate and analyze data collected from IoT devices across the mall on a single intuitive dashboard.