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Almost 50% of deaths worldwide are due to road transportation.

Use our Quantela Traffic solutions - powered by the Quantela platform - to help you:

  • Maximize Passenger and Pedestrian Safety

    Get access to insights, analytics, and suggestions to help you target high-risk traffic zones and improve safety over time.

  • Increase Revenue from Traffic Violations

    Automated violation monitoring means you’ll never miss an opportunity to ticket for speeding or school-bus arm violations.

  • Enable Healthier Fleets

    Track the health of school buses and other vehicles in your fleet to identify issues, plan preventative maintenance, and keep passengers safe.

  • Scale Your Digitization

    QT makes it easier for you to add more capabilities and tools to increase data collection, analytics, and efficiencies across the traffic/highway ecosystem.

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Coral Gables, Florida — USA


The city's initial goal was to provide downtown retailers with greater insight into the quantity and timing of foot traffic during events so that they could staff and promote accordingly. Its long-term goal is to enable the city management team to view a broad scope of activities (e.g. traffic, parking, crowds, etc.) across the city through a touchscreen.

Quantela Solutions

To date, Quantela has implemented its people counting, parking, and traffic management solutions providing data and predictive analytics through its comprehensive dashboard.  In addition, it has installed intelligent streetlight controls to provide the appropriate amount of lighting needed during high traffic times, while conserving energy during off-peak hours.