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Raipur, India

Raipur, India

CASE STUDY: Enhancing citizen services and safety with digitization

The Customer

RSCL (Raipur Smart City Limited) is the body in charge of implementing priority initiatives identified under the Smart City Mission, which aims to drive economic growth and improve people's quality of life through local area development and the use of technology.  The Raipur Smart City integrations began in 2021 with the primary goal of improving safety and security as well as the city's services for a better citizen experience.

The Challenge(s)

The main challenge for Raipur City is traffic management including congestion, violations, vehicle conditions, etc. Another concern was to ensure the safety and security of citizens.

How Quantela Helped

Quantela partnered with the City of Raipur in the implementation of an Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) built on the Quantela platform. A single solution that enables the city to collect, collate, maintain, update, analyze and archive data. The holistic solution helped in the implementation of smart elements in the city, such as streetlight monitoring, city surveillance, an Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), city Wi-Fi, environment sensors, smart parking, and smart poles. There were over 30 systems that were integrated with the Quantela solution. The project was completed by the end of 2021 with all available systems and is currently operational by the city government.

Outcomes Delivered


  • Efficient traffic management and control of traffic violations.


  • Revenue Generation – Out of the total violations recorded by the system 5-10% of them are being issued as challans leading to a revenue of 50L per year.


  • Increased citizen safety and accident reduction- Analytics from the ITMS data helps the city to identify the top 10 violation areas and conduct awareness campaigns.


  • Enhanced citizen engagement and experience – Broadcasting citizen awareness messages to avoid violations through PA system and publishing through VMD/ BB display.