T-Mobile Powers Innovative Collaboration Between Starlite and Quantela for Next-Generation Retail Media Networks. Read More...

T-Mobile Powers Innovative Collaboration Between Starlite and Quantela for Next-Generation Retail Media Networks.

T-Mobile Powers Innovative Collaboration Between Starlite and Quantela for Next-Generation Retail Media Networks.

Massachusetts and New York, August 22, 2023

Quantela, an urban infrastructure and data analytics provider, and Starlite Media, a leading retail media network, continue their path of innovation and growth. Building on their strategic partnership announcement in March, the two companies are now leveraging T-Mobile's nationwide network and IoT solutions to propel Starlite's digital retail media network into a new era of innovation.

By leveraging T-Mobile's network, Starlite can confidently provide its customers with a superior user experience, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry. The integration of T-Mobile's network technology will help enhance the speed and reliability of Starlite’s delivery of full-motion video capabilities that will captivate audiences like never before.

“This collaboration between Quantela, Starlite Media, and T-Mobile marks an important milestone in the advancement of the retail media network. By combining Quantela's advanced analytics capabilities, T-Mobile's network, and Starlite's expertise in retail media, the partnership sets the stage for unprecedented innovation and growth,” said Amr Salem, Quantela CEO.

“We are not only shaping the future of the industry but also serving as key enablers in Starlite's transformation into a technology-driven powerhouse and we are immensely proud to be part of this journey," Amr added.

“In its rapid expansion of its digital signage footprint in top US markets, Starlite Media is extremely pleased to team up with T-Mobile whose network will provide enhanced capabilities for Starlite’s targeted messaging. Known for the best visual impact in the industry through the size and brightness of its displays, Starlite will be able to offer expanded capabilities to advertisers for richer and more targeted customer ads utilizing T-Mobile’s network. Our digital displays will soon be viewed not only as the brightest and boldest, but as the smartest as well,” said Starlite President Oscar Martinez.


About Quantela:

Quantela Inc., founded in 2015, is a technology company that offers end-to-end infrastructure digitization solutions leveraging our proprietary Data Platform. Quantela offers solutions for Smart Cities, Utilities, and large Public Venues, with an innovative outcomes-based business model reducing the risk for our customers. Our team of 300+ experts offers a vast array of solutions like smart lighting, smart traffic, location insights, digitized land records management, and digitized citizen services. We are supported by our key investors, Digital Alpha, a leading alternative asset manager focused on digital infrastructure; and Energy Impact Partners, a global investment platform leading the transition to a sustainable energy future. The Company is headquartered in Massachusetts with offices across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


About Starlite Media:

Starlite is building the premier digital out-of-home advertising network at outdoor shopping centers. Starlite’s centers are anchored by high-traffic, necessity retailers groceries, drugstores, big box, telecom, restaurants, gyms, spas, and other consumer-attracting venues which provide the essential goods and services for the suburban communities they serve. Our full-motion digital displays are the largest and brightest at these centers and are strategically placed at the shopping center’s or retailer’s choke points and other high-traffic areas. Over the next months and years, Starlite will expand its approximately 300 digital displays in the top US markets by converting most of its 6,000 static displays to digital. Anchored by top retailers such as Walmart and Target, grocery chains like Stop & Shop, Albertsons, Publix, and ShopRite, leading pharmacies as Walgreens and CVS, and a wide array of consumer services and personal care destinations like LA Fitness, Starlite’s centers generate the highest foot and auto traffic in their suburban areas. The impression quality of its displays visibility and dwell time together with their prominent locations make Starlite the best out-of-home media choice for place-based retail and targeted audiences.


Media Contact:


Eman Mousa, Global Marketing Manager

Email: eman.mousa@quantela.com

Phone: +971 50 123 1782 (based in Abu Dhabi, UAE)


Starlite Media

Gina Simpson, U.S. Marketing Manager

Email: gsimpson@starlitemedia.com

Phone: +646-668-4700 (based in New York)