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Liquid Outdoor Case Study

Liquid Outdoor Case Study

Enhancing Advertising and Marketing Strategies with Data Solutions

The Customer

Liquid is a technology-focused boutique out-of-home (OOH) advertising company with a strong presence in 13 major metropolitan markets across the US. Known for their static and digital billboards, as well as interactive smart kiosks, Liquid has built unique partnerships with commercial developers and local municipalities since 2008. With offices in Manhattan, Princeton, Katonah, Fort Myers, and Miami, their exceptional customer service and community collaborations set them apart in the industry.

Liquid and Quantela Partnership

In January 2022, Liquid Outdoor Media and Quantela joined forces in a strategic partnership with a shared vision. Their goal was to revolutionize Liquid's Lifestyle-Center network by harnessing the power of advanced audience analytics. Quantela, supported by key investor Digital Alpha, provided the initial capital of $15 million for the project. This investment not only covered the project's requirements but also allowed for future expansion opportunities. The capital will be recouped through shared advertising revenue over the duration of the agreement.

The collaboration aimed to achieve several key objectives. By leveraging Quantela's platform, Liquid aimed to optimize environmental efficiencies, ensuring their advertising initiatives aligned with sustainability goals. Also, the partnership aimed to streamline operational processes, reducing costs and improving overall efficiency. Quantela's data solution offered Liquid valuable insights into campaign performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources effectively.

In addition, as part of the collaboration, Liquid secured its position as one of Quantela's preferred digital advertising partners for upcoming US smart city-based projects. This strategic alliance empowered Liquid to tap into Quantela's innovative technology, providing the tools to create and deliver targeted advertising campaigns that resonate with urban audiences.



“When Liquid brings a product to market, our clients in the media buying community expect a top, best-in-class product. And this is why Quantela is helping us to deliver new data to our clients, over and above what we’re supplying, and populating that in an efficient manner. I think that’s one of the greatest features and something that will separate us from our competition. Having that support from the Quantela side and the project management support from Quantela is really the greatest benefit of this partnership."

Paul Ducharme, Managing Partner, Liquid Outdoor Media


Outcomes Delivered

Quantela and Liquid Outdoor collaboration has had a profound effect, transforming their processes and leading to extraordinary outcomes. Liquid was able to devote more resources to boosting sales with the information gained from streamlined post-campaign reporting.

The tangible outcomes of the partnership were evident in various locations:


  • River Landing: Sales increased to 50% occupancy on November 7th, soaring to 100% by November 21st.
  • Midtown Tampa: Sales surged to 16% occupancy in October, climbing to over 66% by November.
  • Pointe Orlando: Occupancy rates increased to over 66% by November.
  • Midtown Miami: After reaching full occupancy in August, the network experienced a temporary decline but swiftly recovered. Occupancy bounced back to 66% by November 21st and regained 100% by December.

    These results demonstrate the power of Quantela's solution in driving real-world business outcomes. Quantela assisted Liquid in optimizing their campaigns and attaining their business objectives by providing data-driven insights into the efficacy of their campaigns.