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Quantela and Société des Centres Commerciaux Italia (SCCI) Collaborate to Reinvent the Shopping Experience in Italy's Most Iconic Mall

Quantela and Société des Centres Commerciaux Italia (SCCI) Collaborate to Reinvent the Shopping Experience in Italy's Most Iconic Mall

BILLERICA, Massachusetts and MILAN, Italy, 21 Nov, 2022:

Today digital infrastructure leader, Quantela, and Société des Centres Commerciaux Italia (SCCI), combine forces in a new collaboration that uses the most advanced digital solutions and data intelligence to improve the shopping experience at Euroma2, the largest and most iconic mall in Italy.

With SCCI’s goal of developing a digital ecosystem within its shopping centres, a customized technology solution was designed to collate and analyze data to create value at every phase of the retail network. The solution comprises of a data analytics platform, iconic digital screens, and a shopper service and loyalty app.

Quantela will offer SCC Italy its platform to normalize, govern and analyze data collected from IoT devices across the mall. The SCC Italy team will now have access to business insights and analytics to help them better understand shopper behavior throughout the mall and use these insights to improve the shopper experience and curate better offers for retailers.

"Digital technology is forcefully entering our world and at SCCI, we want to be the first to seize all the opportunities in order to maintain the highest levels of performance throughout our centers, whilst simultaneously improving our customer experience,” said Davide Maria Zanchi, Chief Executive Officer, SCC Italy.

This is a significant project for Quantela as they continue to expand their technology solutions beyond the public sector.

"Our unique technology platform can support SCC Italy in such a holistic way to reimagine the shopping experience, adding value to the entire retail value chain, and most importantly, help improve the physical buying experience using Digital technologies”, said Amr Salem, Chief Executive Officer, Quantela.

About Quantela Inc.:

Quantela Inc. founded in 2015, is a technology company that offers end-to-end infrastructure digitization solutions to help cities and communities meet their economic, social and environmental objectives. Unlike other technology companies, we tailor our offerings (what we can digitize) and the business model (how we partner with our customer to deliver that digitization) to drive measurable impact where our customers need it most. Today, working with cities and towns; utilities, and public venues, our team of 400+ experts offer a vast array of outcomes business models through technologies like digital advertising, smart lighting, smart traffic, and digitized citizen services. We are supported by our key investors, Digital Alpha, a leading alternative asset manager focused on digital infrastructure; and Energy Impact Partners, a global investment platform leading the transition to a sustainable energy future. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA with offices across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


LSGI (La Société Générale Immobilière), a private development and investment group that, over the past 55 years, has developed more than 4 million square meters of real estate, including 25,000 square meters of apartments and houses, more than 200,000 square meters of office space, leader in Europe with 44 shopping centers and with its operative branch SCC, manages all its properties. SCCI, Shopping Center Company Italia, operates in the business of services for the construction and management of Shopping Centers and is part of the large SCC Shopping Center Company group which works on an international scale. SCC Italia was founded in 1987. Today it is present in Portogruaro (Venice) with the Adriatico shopping center, in Novara with San Martino 2 (Novara), in Rome with Euroma 2 and also Aprilia 2 (Latina). These shopping malls, owned by LSGII, together represent more than 130,000 m2 of GLA with over 450 stores. The Euroma2 shopping center, opened in 2008, is today one of the most important shopping centers in Italy, with an area of 51,000 m2 of GLA and 228 points of sale.

Media Contacts:

Eman Mousa
Global Marketing Manager, Quantela Inc.
Email: eman.mousa@quantela.com
Phone: +971 50 123 1782 (based in Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Lorenzo M. Zanchi
Marketing Director, Société des Centres Commerciaux Italia S.r.l.
Email: lorenzo.zanchi@scci.it
Tel. +39 02 77 88 96 223
Cell. +39 346 23 88 968

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