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A City in Colombia*

A City in Colombia*

The Challenge 

In 2019, the city initiated the transformation to digitization with the upgrade of all city’s streetlights into LED fixtures. This move aimed to reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprint. However, with the lack of a fully connected infrastructure, the city could not bring the full potential of the desired operational efficiencies, track performance, and detect faulty fixtures in real time to reduce response time. Surprisingly, the biggest challenge became a growing number of citizens’ complaints about safety and security at night due to the widespread perception of dark zones in the city and the worsening of the public lighting service.

Quantela Solutions

Once Quantela's solution was brought up, it unveiled a systemic malfunctioning of over 5,000 LED lights that were not operating at the nominal power, explaining the reports of dark areas. The findings allowed the city to file a warranty claim with the supplier and initiate a process of drastically improving the operation of public lighting.

Today, real-time data flows through the city’s fiber infrastructure backhaul to get into Quantela’s award-winning data-driven platform enabling data aggregation, policy implementation, automation, assets management, and monitoring of all lighting infrastructure in real-time. The platform can be easily extended to multiple future use cases and represents an asset for the city’s future investments in its smart city journey. 

Quantela Outcomes Delivered

  • The city can now save about 25% extra from their energy bill.
  • The city is now able to have real-time outdoor lighting control, reduce operational costs, detect faulty lights, reduce response time, improve road safety for pedestrians and vehicles, as well as perform maintenance and operational logistics efficiently.
  • Quantela's data-driven solution helped the city to identify the root cause of dark areas, perceived insecurity, and citizen complaints. As a result, the city can now claim the replacement of 5000 LEDs under warranty.
  • Quantela’s data-driven platform enables the city to combine streetlight data with any other use cases and automate its behavior based on presence, traffic, environment, and alarms.

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