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"Title 24" Compliance Made Easy With CIMCONs Lighting Control Solution


In 2013, California's Building Energy Efficiency Stands (Title 24, Part 6) required that outdoor lighting sources reduce their energy consumption in order to lower costs, lessen the negative impact on the environment, and help protect the stability of the state's electrical infrastructure. These requirements necessitate that users maximize the technology available to maximize energy and cost savings.

Many organizations, including Cities/Towns, Parking Lots/Garages, and Business and Industrial campus owners have turned to retrofitting traditional HID lights with LEDs; However, there is much more that can be done through the installation of smart light controllers.

CIMCON Lighting, the global leader in intelligent, wireless outdoor lighting controls is focused on helping California businesses comply with Title 24 energy reduction requirements through the provision of its smart lighting controllers and robust central management system. CIMCON's controllers help to further reduce LEDs energy consumption by up to 30% and maintenance and repair costs by up to 50% 


"Title 24" Compliance Made Easy With CIMCON Lighting Control Solution