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Road Temperature Monitoring

A non-invasive solution to measure when and where to salt winter roads

CIMCON’s Road Temperature Monitoring solution helps cities optimize road maintenance by using road temperature sensors to determine precisely when roads need to be treated. The solution includes NearSky 360, CIMCON’s streetlight-mounted edge data processor that allows you to easily install road temperature sensors across the city. These non-invasive sensors can measure many parameters that effect driver safety including road surface temperature, air temperature, dew point temperature, relative humidity.



  • Easy to install – this system uses a non-invasive measurement system and does not require road closures for installation.
  • Reduces labor and material costs – data generated can help optimize winter road treatment.
  • Pre-configured reports – road surface data is collected, aggregated, and visualized in NearSky StreetVibe, CIMCON’s easy-to-use smart city management software, so you can easily track measurements and share them with interested parties
  • Early detection – Predictive analytics identify potential black ice before it occurs.
  • Reduces environmental impact – more efficient road treatment reduces surface and ground water pollution due to over salting. 


  • Decision support for winter maintenance operators on roads, motorways, and highways
  • Inform drivers about dangerous road conditions to promote safe driving
  • Data collection for weather forecast model development
Learn More About Road Temperature Monitoring

Learn More About Road Temperature Monitoring

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