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This controller is designed for decorative streetlight fixtures and is compatible with Itron's Silver Spring Network.
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The iSLC-3500-S  is a NEMA wireless street light controller equipped with an Itron radio for use with Itron's Silver Spring Network. This controller is an excellent option for decorative fixtures where external mounting is not possible.

The controller comes with:

  • CATB surge protection;
  • Energy metering accuracy of 2%
  • Remote control
  • Advanced scheduling including: on/off/dim schedules that operate on a daily, monthly, and special event basis; and scheduling based on sensor inputs. 
  • Extensive fault monitoring to report on day burners, burnouts, lamp cycling, ballast failures, over/under voltage, abnormal power consumption, low power factors, communication failures.
  • Flexible dimming supported through 0-10 VDC or DALI interfaces.  
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