CIMCON’s 7-pin NEMA compliant high-voltage street light controller uses a highly robust, reliable self-forming and self-healing RF mesh network, and is economical for use on individual light fixtures for remote control and operation.

With a photocell in every controller, the iSLC-3100-7P-C-HV operates immediately upon installation without dependency on the network. The controller includes an optional GPS that reduces install times and eliminates the need for future mapping issues. GPS coordinates for each iSLC are sent automatically back to CIMCON’s LightingGale software so that iSLC locations can be seen on Google Maps. The controller provides monitoring of current, voltage, frequency, power factor kW and kWh and offers revenue grade energy metering as high as 2% for accurate consumption data and billing. Remote control and scheduling allow you to control street lights in several ways including: individual ad-hoc control; photocell and astro-clock scheduling; on/off/dim schedules that operate on a daily monthly and special event basis; and mixed mode scheduling based on sensor inputs.   In addition, flexible dimming through a 0-10 VDC interface are included; as well as exceptional fault monitoring to report on day burners, burnouts, lamp cycling, ballast failures and more.

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