Parking Analytics

Collect real-time parking data to simplify payments, reduce traffic and enforce rules.

The Parking Analytics solution provides a real-time feed of physical parking activity collected by sensors installed in on-street and off-street parking spaces. Local authorities can view vacant or occupied spaces, track demand patterns and monitor session lengths. The Parking Analytics' Cloud AI Engine and restful APIs simplify integration with the world’s most popular pay-to-park apps, so cities can select the solution that best meets their needs.



  • Reduce traffic congestion by systematizing city parking
  • Improve parking revenue streams by improving monitoring capabilities without increasing enforcement costs
  • Reduce emissions and improve air quality by helping drivers find parking spaces quickly
  • Increase city-wide street parking capacity (parking analytics do not require marked spaces)


  • Charge drivers for the parking spaces they use, both on the street or in public lots
  • Improve situational awareness – gather data about the way drivers park to inform road work, street cleaning or loading policies
  • Enforce parking rules and automatically identify violations
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