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Suffolk County Council’s Journey to Smart with ADEPT Live Labs

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The term “smart city” has become commonplace when discussing the future of cities and councils; but what does it really mean? How are cities in the UK and globally moving to “smart”? What trends are evolving? What applications are being considered and why?

In this panel discussion, Ben Gardner, President of the Northeast Group, the global leader in smart infrastructure market intelligence, Richard Webster, Asset Manager – Street Lighting

Suffolk County Council and Mark Cullum, Associate Director, CIMCON Lighting will provide an in-depth view into the initiatives that the Suffolk Council is implementing in its smart city journey, the support that CIMCON is providing, and how the Council’s initiatives are keeping pace with global and UK trends and standards.


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Suffolk Council secured funding and became a winning County with the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) Live Labs programme.
  • What applications and outcomes Suffolk is delivering and aims to achieve (e.g. road temperature measurement, fly tipping alert and Smart Lighting etc.)
  • The mechanisms that will be used to interpret data coming from the selected applications.
  • Suffolk’s work to help define IoT Smart City standards with British Standards Institute (BSi), British Telecom and The University of Suffolk
  • The role that CIMCON’s NearSky smart city platform is playing in the Suffolk Council ADEPT project.
  • How Suffolk Council and UK initiatives compare to global smart city initiatives.
Ben Gardner

Founder and President, Northeast Group, LLC

Richard Webster

Asset Manager - Street Lighting

Project Director - ADEPT Live Labs

Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Highways

Mark Cullum

Associate Director

CIMCON Lighting, Inc.