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Smart cities are great, but after the gadgets are installed, some cities are left wondering how to make the most of their technology and data.  That's why we created StreetVibeTM.

NearSkyTM StreetVibe is CIMCON's smart city management platform that helps streamline city data into reportsalerts, and actionable insights, all through one unified dashboard.

The newest version of the software features new tools and an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows cities to make the most of the data collected in their smart city. 

Join this webinar to:

  • See the StreetVibe in action; tour new features and dashboards.
  • Learn how to use smart city data to drive operational efficiency throughout your city. 
  • Learn how to save money with optimized maintenance and energy use with CIMCON's smart city solution offerings.
Clarence Friedman - Vice President of Strategy and Alliance

Clarence leads CIMCON’s smart city practice as well as strategic academic and industry collaborations. Clarence comes from a deep background of innovation leadership.

Vlad Evtimov - NearSky Product Manager 

Vlad leads product management for CIMCON's smart city practice. He has a technical background in enterprise software and cloud technologies.