February 25, 2021

Smart City Devices Manufactures can do more with the NearSky Platform.

In every smart city connected devices are the eyes, ears, nose and more. Cameras, air quality monitors, microphones and other sensors collect valuable information to provide insights on how the city functions. Ultimately, this helps city officials make informed decisions to keep their citizens safe and improve infrastructure and the economy.

Everyone knows collecting city data is important. Everyone also knows that installing technology in rugged outdoor environments is an age-old challenge: providing reliable power and robust communication channels to remote sensors can be both difficult and expensive.

Enter the Streetlight.
To solve the problems above, consider the streetlight. At every pole there is power. On intelligent streetlights, like those managed by CIMCON, there is network connectivity. What’s best is that street poles are ubiquitous across the city, making them the perfect medium for a granular network of data collecting devices. CIMCON’s NearSky Smart City Platform simplifies sensor installation in any outdoor environment by enabling plug-and-play access to power, processing and connectivity on any streetlight. In a nutshell, the NearSky platform helps improve operational and financial performance for cities, while providing an easy way for technology and service providers to expand their IoT capabilities.
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For device manufacturers who specialize in making products which help city planners understand and serve their communities, we believe there is no better path to market than through the streetlight. Device manufactures who once struggled to add batteries, solar panels or modems so they could deploy their equipment on city streets, can now leverage the smart streetlight enabled by NearSky to power and connect their devices. With NearSky, device manufacturers can continue to focus on core competencies: building the world’s best widget, to satisfy cities’ complex needs.

In 2017, NearSky Connect Partner, Adsum Networks created to world’s smartest, least intrusive parking detection system. Co-founder Ismail Hamdad and his team of engineers spent long hours and valuable resources, pondering how to effectively deploy their solution in the field, until they found NearSky. NearSky allows Adsum to easily power their devices and seamlessly transfer data back to their cloud so their customers can analyze and act. Leveraging the streetlight allows Adsum to reach new economies of scale; the team can focus on perfecting their parking solution to drive better results. Additionally, building a solution on the pole means they can bring their solution to more cities in a more repeatable process: the question of ‘where to deploy’ is now standardized around the one asset that most cities already own.

Of course, parking is not the only solution that can benefit from our smart city platform. Countless services can be provided from the streetlight: digital signage, Wi-Fi access points, road surface monitors can all be deployed more efficiently when installed on the street pole. More efficiency means less cost, less maintenance, less complexity, ultimately making it easier for cities to commit to these new services. NearSky is driving smart city device adoption because the streetlight removes uncertainty and complication around the investment.

The streetlight can be host to more than one solution: consider measuring traffic counts and air quality side-by-side to understand how rush-hour effects citizens’ health and wellness. Decision makers will mix and match solutions to gain complex insights, painting a multidimensional story about how the city moves and breathes.

In that example and many others, the story of the NearSky Platform is simple: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. At CIMCON, we’re unlocking value and building opportunities for the end user, the device manufactures and all other stakeholders in a smart city, all on that vertical asset that’s so often forgotten. We want you to join us, we’ve helped countless device manufacturers simplify their path to market and build new revenue streams through our NearSky Connect Program, we can do the same for you. If you’re interested, send us a note to partners@cimconlighting.com.


Written by: Liz Glivinski
Date: February 25, 2021

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