Digital Advertising

Optimize your advertising and revenue-generation like never before.

Use our Quantela Digital Advertising solutions - powered by the Quantela platform - to help you:

  • Lower Operational Costs

    Reduce costs, manage staff and resourcing requirements, act quickly to maintenance/cleaning concerns and identify and target highest foot flow areas.

  • Capture Monetization Insights

    Quantify performance metrics across the entire signage network, including revenue generated, available ad inventory, campaign performance, and much more. Use that data to maximize your revenue from retailers and advertisers.

  • Enable Safer Community Experiences

    Data and analytics help our customers identify high risk areas and take preventative measures to mitigate accidents, crimes, fires, and more.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Use data to deliver your support your ESG commitments, reduce energy consumption and act quickly to alerts (temperature fluctuations, maintenance issues, waste management etc)

  • Enable Alternative Outcomes

    Use the revenue generated from digital advertising assets to fund and alternative outcomes e.g. homelessness issue.. And/or use the physical digital advertising assets to expand existing infrastructure. E.g. EV charging facilities.

  • Reduce Investment Risk

    We’re so confident in the revenue potential this offering provides, we’ll cover all the upfront expenses.

Quantela Digital Advertising Resources

Real Solutions. Real Impact:

Liquid Outdoor Customer Percpective
Customer Perspective

Liquid Outdoor Media, New York - USA

In March 2022, Quantela and Liquid Outdoor Media jointly announced a new partnership to create a complete digital signage solution to expand Liquid’s lifestyle network. As phase one nears completion, we caught up with Paul Ducharme, Managing Partner, Liquid Outdoor Media, for his perspectives on Liquid’s partnership with Quantela.