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The Business Case for Smart Lighting


Many cities are interested in upgrading fromCIMCON_LightingControls_BusinessCase_Cvr traditional lights to LEDs because they provide significant energy and cost savings. Some cities, however, elect not to add a lighting management system with intelligent lighting controls to the new LED system.  In addition, a lighting management system can significantly improve the quality of lighting services, improve public safety, and provide a foundation for additional smart city improvements and citizen benefits.

In this paper, we will identify:

  • The problems cities face when attempting to manage an LED-based lighting system without lighting controls.
  • The capabilities that a control-based lighting management system provides.
  • The benefits of using intelligent lighting controls to control and manage your LED lighting network.

The paper includes a business case comparing the cost of maintaining LED streetlights with and without a lighting management system with intelligent controls, in a city with 10,000 LED streetlights.

The Business Case for a Lighting Management System with Intelligent Controls